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Gradually the thought is overridden by daily cares, we are enveloped by vanity and everyday life, and the “plus” in karma remains a hovering sign on the background of the idea.

So how to decide on the first aid? And if you have already decided, how to start acting?

I am writing to you with a proposal to take part in a joint action in favor of children in need of help.

Your donation will have a significant impact on the comfort and well-being of the kids, will help them feel care and attention from the society

Our charitable foundation is working on a project aimed at improving the living conditions of children in 4 orphanages.

We bring basic necessities, clothes, shoes to the children.
We organize an entertainment show with the participation of animators.

Giving extra help to an orphanage is not that difficult. It does not require personal travel or attendance at a handout.

We respect your wish to remain anonymous. Also, we would appreciate it if you intend to become a regular patron of a particular institution.

Required amount 10.000 USD

Together we can make a difference in the lives of children and help them find their place in this world.

Total money raised

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