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War leaves a mark on the lives of many who stand in defence Ukraine. We believe in the power of recovery and the importance of support. The creation of the rehabilitation centre is one of the our main objectives.

Join us and together we can create new opportunities for our heroes!

The project is created for the rehabilitation of war victims, including veterans, servicemen discharged from the army for health reasons, family members of servicemen (both combatants and those killed and wounded), refugees (forced migrants), civilians living in the occupied territories, civilians who have suffered any psychological trauma as a result of combat operations.

What do we have

A psychological rehabilitation department for 50 beds has been organised. To implement the project, one floor of the central building of the sanatorium was dismantled, 25 rooms with bathroom and toilet (reconstruction is required).

The medical department of the sanatorium provides medical care.
There is laser therapy, which is the use of an optical laser beam for therapeutic purposes.
Rehabilitation program according to WHO standards.
25 rooms with bathroom and toilet required reconstruction.

The beautifully landscaped natural park of the sanatorium captivates with its invincible natural beauty. Pine trees, spruce, giant oaks and slender birches surrounding the buildings of the sanatorium make this wonderful place even more attractive.

By joining our project you will not only save someone’s life, but also increase your reputation and visibility.

As of January, there are about 3.4 thousand Ukrainian servicemen in captivity, each of whom needs rehabilitation.
We have a floor: 25 rooms with shower and toilet that need to be renovated.
The cost of repairing the whole floor is 75.000 USD.

Required amount 75.000 USD

You can provide financial assistance for the renovation of the premises. The sooner the repairs are done, the sooner we can start the rehabilitation project!

Total money raised
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