Civilians are still suffering from the war in Ukraine. Destroyed housing, a humanitarian catastrophe, the need for medicines and basic necessities. That is why Ukrainians still need support.

We continue to deliver food parcels, hygiene products, warm clothes and shoes and other essentials to hard-to-reach frontline settlements. Even though they are still under constant shelling by Russian troops. We know for sure that people need all these things to survive. And even animals suffer from the war. Ukrainians need our help. After all, the war is still ongoing.
Residential buildings have been almost wiped out. And those that remain are uninhabitable. They have no heating, electricity or water supply. People have no beds to sleep comfortably. There is no place to cook – only a fire. Educational institutions are destroyed, so children cannot study. There is no internet connection either. Attempts to restore communications often end with the fact that what is restored is destroyed again during another shelling.
The town of Izyum in eastern Ukraine, which we visited after the occupation, was painfully shocking. The hospital was almost destroyed, with no windows. Half of the building was smashed to pieces by a direct shell hit. Despite all the difficulties, the doctors are providing assistance to the population. They are also heroes.
Ukraine needs peace. Ukraine needs victory. Everyone here needs to feel safe and protected. Children should go to school and enjoy life. Mothers should rejoice in their children’s successes and not hide their bodies from explosions and bullets.
The air should smell of flowers, not gunpowder. The fire should be from the sunset, not fires. And Ukrainians should walk along it calmly, confidently, not afraid of shots and shelling. Everyone here deserves to enjoy life.
We will support Ukraine as long as the war continues. We will also help when it is over.

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