Donate to: Psychological Rehabilitation Center in Morshyn

At the first stage, our rehabilitation center in Morshyn is ready to accept the first group of people in need of physiological and psychological rehabilitation.

The project provides for the rehabilitation of victims of military aggression at the Morshynsky Sanatorium for 24 days.

Our Goal

To help those who suffered from the war in Ukraine and need physiotherapy and psychological rehabilitation assistance.

What have we done?

  • Transferred functional beds.
  • Transferred vehicles for transportation of wounded soldiers.
  • Created a full-fledged combined program of physiological and psychological rehabilitation.
  • Engaged a new partner, “Agromat”

What are we planning?

We are now ready to accept a test group of 10 people: IDPs and those in need.

  • Bring the group to the center for psychological and physiotherapy assistance.
  • Involve a psychologist and a physiotherapist.
  • Undergo a rehabilitation course of 24 days.

1 REHABILITATED = from 90$/day or from 2700$/month

As of September, more than 100 thousand Ukrainians need some type of rehabilitation.
And this is only according to official sources.

Daily psychological practices:

  1. Group therapy for communication and psychological support from other veterans and professionals.
  2. Individual counseling with a psychologist.
  3. Meditation and relaxation to calm the nervous system and reduce stress
  4. Breathing exercises to calm down and increase focus.

Physical recovery:

  1. Physical therapy sessions to help restore movement.
  2. Physical exercises to strengthen your muscles and back.
  3. Occupational therapy to restore motor skills at home.
  4. Kinesitherapy exercise under the supervision.
  5. Sports tournaments among veterans .
  6. Trips to the mountains or bicycle tours to increase physical activity.
  7. Yoga classes to improve motor skills & flexibility.

Cultural program:

  1. Organize meetings and joint activities with other victims for mutual support.
  2. Involving survivors in volunteer projects to support other survivors or the community.
  3. Organizing visits to artistic events to raise the mood and bring veterans closer together.
  4. Drawing, sculpture or crafts classes to develop creative abilities.

Required amount 27.000 USD

The biggest help you can provide is to join this project. This is not only an opportunity to save someone’s life, but also an impact on reputation and reach.

Total money raised
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