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Due to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a large number of people were forced to relocate to safer cities, but this did not completely solve the issue of food supply.

One of the biggest problems is the inability to provide all needy socially vulnerable groups with quality hot food on a regular basis.

Our Goal

To help vulnerable groups by purchasing special vehicles and establishing systematic work together with the International Food Bank to provide hot and quality food to those in need.

Our Mission

Provide a comfortable and systematic opportunity to receive hot food and essential products to vulnerable groups in the most affected regions and IDPs.

Thanks to the humanitarian response, more and more people are receiving assistance every hour. UN agencies and humanitarian partners are delivering the essentials: mostly water, hygiene products and food. But it is not enough to meet the needs of nearly 180,000 people. The issue of hot meals for vulnerable groups of the population has not yet been resolved.

Our Aim

To provide high-quality and systematic nutrition to as many communities and residents of the affected regions as possible, to establish a transparent and controlled system of hot food provision, and now we have to help Mykolaiv region, where more than 20 thousand people need constant assistance

We act

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have been continuously helping people and communities with food in the most affected regions, cooperating with district administrations and international food banks.
In these difficult times, we have delivered, collected and distributed more than 100 tons of food!

Food Truck

Food Truck is a modern solution to quickly and inexpensively create an alternative to inpatient facilities. This way we can expand our food aid network and make it more accessible to meet all standards. Mobile kitchens have many varieties: a mobile snack bar, a restaurant on wheels, a mobile kitchen, all of which are made on different types of vehicles

10 such vehicles can provide up to 2500 people with hot meals on a regular basis!

Required amount 200.000 USD

Includes procurement, technical inspection of transportation.

Total money raised
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