We received a lot of cargo from our partners and unloaded humanitarian aid. It is still most needed in the frontline settlements of Ukraine and by the most vulnerable people. It is mainly furniture and medicines.

There is a lot of aid and it has already arrived at its destination.

Hemodialysis machines, infusomats and consumables (syringes, gloves, masks, antiseptics) have been delivered to the Hlukhiv hospital in Sumy Oblast.

As well as bunk beds for orphanages. These will be delivered to the Kaniv sanatorium boarding school in Cherkasy region, and to the Vyshevytska special boarding school in Zhytomyr region, etc.

And to medical institutions – functional beds with mattresses, medicines, special furniture and medical equipment.

This help is extremely necessary and timely. And we are not going to stop! Please join us!

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