Communities in the Kherson region of Ukraine are still suffering from fierce shelling from multiple launch rocket systems, mortars, artillery, aircraft and UAVs. Therefore, they still need increased assistance. And closer to the front, this assistance is more urgent. That’s why we continue to deliver humanitarian aid.

We have lost count of the number of times we have recently loaded up a beadle and set off. Despite the alarms and shelling. So that at the Humanitarian Aid Center in Kherson the needy could receive: from our partners Foodbank Nova Ukraine – 20 kg food packages, which sincerely and carefully packed sweets, coffee, tea, cereals, condensed milk, stew, butter, oil, pates, etc.; from Christliche medizinische Hilfe direkt – oatmeal, hygiene products and clothes.
We still need water, blankets, bed linen, food kits, hygiene products, work equipment, water filters, etc. So please join in – goodness always returns a hundredfold!

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