Finished: Restoration of Damaged power Grids

During a year of full-scale war, Mykolaivoblenergo received about 680 tons of aid for restoration.

Some of them were provided by the “Help for Ukraine” and “Next Generation” funds.

Aid was delivered gradually, in 16 shipments

The equipment received includes power and voltage transformers, almost 9 km of cable, mobile generators, special equipment for repairing power lines, oil and various consumables that need to be constantly replenished.

The organizers of the humanitarian aid emphasized their readiness to continue supporting Mykolaiv power engineers in the same way, as in addition to urgent restoration work, we have a difficult and costly stage ahead of us – major repairs and sometimes construction from scratch of energy infrastructure facilities that were destroyed as a result of active hostilities.

The damage caused by the aggressor country to Mykolaivoblenergo
has already exceeded UAH 1 billion

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