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Due to the invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, a large number of people in the front-line have found themselves alone and unable to survive due to constant shelling and a difficult situation.

Our Mission

Help save as many people as possible by evacuating them and transporting them to safe places.


Since August 22, 2022, 92,243 people have been evacuated as part of the forced evacuation until the beginning of October 2023, including 11,600 children and 3,200 people with disabilities.

We act

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have organized several evacuation flights from Chernihiv, Kherson and Donetsk regions.

This has saved hundreds of lives and we continue to do so!

Our Goal

Create an evacuation brigade and provide it with everything necessary in the form of transport, means of rescue, medicines for those in need. Provide the maximum possible safe conditions for the execution of this mission to the evacuation team. Establish clear mechanisms to control the future fate of evacuees.

Such a bus can perform up to three evacuation missions per week

Required amount 50.000 USD

Includes the purchase of an evacuation bus, special equipment, medicines and financing of the first 10 missions in the south and east of Ukraine.

Total money raised
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